a few favorite chairs

every house has its comfiest chairs, those padded fine places that welcome us like old friends. that seem to know right where we need extra-thick cushions. or nothing more than sturdy legs on which to rest our weary selves.

so, too, it is with some of the posts  — we call ’em “chairs” — of months and years past. we’ve gathered a few favorites here (in no particular order), to save you the trouble of poking around, all over the place. we like to think of this as a pulled-in circle of some of our old favorite chairs, the ones we come back to, time after time.

curl up. kick off your shoes. stick around as long as you’d like.

tepee prayers

in awe

rug carnies

rainbow room

silence on a day that darkens

casserole for a faraway friend

gulping sky

snow, when it’s still white

measuring life in 8 millimeters

turn and return

reading by the light of the double dd

parallel lives

a prayer for those who didn’t make it

the labor pains that never end

the page most splattered

starting the goodbye

“can i come talk?”

sewing for college

“by little and by little”: dorothy day, a guide to loving