the new book: Motherprayer


“Motherprayer is not just a book for mothers. It’s a book, finally, about loving, and if you let it, it will transfigure how you see yourself as a giver and recipient of love.”

— Lauren Winner, author of Wearing God, Mudhouse Sabbath, and Girl Meets God, among others.

from Abingdon Press…

Barbara Mahany writes, “Mothering was my crash course in love. Love of the sort I call Divine. Love in the way we yearn to be loved: Without end. Without question. Without giving in to exhaustion. Love with a big and boundless heart. Love with eyes and ears — and soul — wide open. Love even when it’s not so easy.”

Motherprayer: Lessons in Loving (Abingdon Press, April 2017) is Mahany’s poetic collection of field notes — love letters, really — culled from keeping close watch across the arc of her children’s growing-up years, from kindergarten through college graduation and beyond. Its most stirring meditations are the ones that bring into sharp focus one essential question: How do we love?

The whisper at the heart of Motherprayer — in writings that capture the ephemeral moments of motherhood, ones that might find you wiping a tear, or chuckling aloud — is the one that implores: “Pay attention. There is much to be studied, and learned here, in the curriculum of loving.”

we’re in the waiting months now, as the manuscript makes its way across the copy editor’s desk, and the designers put final touches of magic to the pages. then it’s on to the printing presses, and some day, not too far away, whole boxes of Motherprayer will plop onto my front stoop. it will have been birthed — and my heart will hold breathtakingly still.

this is the book that pulses from the deepest place inside me. it’s the one piece of work i knew i needed to leave in my wake, a lasting record of how deeply i have loved, and the lessons of the heart learned through mothering. someday, i pray, the boys i love — will and teddy — will hold it in their hands, turn the pages and breathe in — again and again — the truth of the depths of that love. and how, in becoming a mother, their most blessed mother, the depths of me was born.

in the meantime, you can find Motherprayer on amazon, or at your very favorite bookstore, where some gentle bookseller will happily pre-order it for you. and i will thank you from the bottom of my motherheart.